Industrial Sewing Machine Installation Guide
For Post Bed Industrial Sewing Machines

Pre-Installation Notes:


Section 1 - Table Top, Motor, On/Off Switch, Legs, Foot Pedal Rod


1- Turn the table top upside down (on a table or on 2 chairs) and place the motor on the table, aligning the motor pulley directly above the motor belt hole.


2- Install the 3 motor mount screws with a wrench, vicegrip or plyers. Some machines may require 4 motor mount screws. Screws can be found in the motor box or accessories box (inside a gray pack) along with the legs.
3. Place the two table legs side by side. Then, locate the cross-member and install it on the back of the legs. Do not fully tighten the screws yet. Finally, locate the foot-pedal base and mount it on the bottom of the legs.
4. Install the foot pedal onto the center or left side of the foot pedal base.  
5. Mount the legs onto the underside of the table using the table screws (usually four on each side - may differ depending on machine purchased). Allow 1/2" space between the leg and the edge of the table top. Install the legs according to the marks on the underside of the table. Tighten all screws firmly.
6. Install the on/off switch box on the front side of the table (use the marks on the underside of the table), so that when the table is placed right side up, the electrical box is located on your right hand side. Electrical wires should be affixed to the underside of the tabletop for safety reasons using the included wire clamps.
7. Install the rod onto the motor and the foot pedal, then connect the rod using the rod connector (middle part). Ensure the back of the pedal is four inches from its base, and that the clutch lever on the motor is at its highest position.
8. Turn the table right-side up.  


Section 2 - Machine Head, Belt, Threadstand, Bobbin Winder, Lamp, Drawer


1. Install the drip pan onto the table surface as displayed in the photo. Then, place the machine head into the appropriate spot. Tilt back to align hinges.
2. Ensure that the machine head is placed securely in the appropriate spot and that the hinges are aligned as seen in the photos.
3. Locate the belt strap and attach it to the motor pulley. You may need to tilt the machine back to place the strap on the hand wheel.

If the machine cannot be tilted, then the belt strap must be forced on by first installing it around the handwheel, then onto the edge of the motor wheel. Press down on the foot pedal and turn the handwheel towards you to allow the belt to slide onto the pulley.

4. To install the table lamp, insert the lamp wire-first through the appropriate hole in the table top, and tighten the bolt on the underside of the table.



5. Connect the wire from the lamp to the one from the on/off electrical switch by connecting the similar coloured wires (as shown in photo) and covering each pair with the included wire caps.


6. Install the thread stand on the right side of the table. If your machine requires a bobbin winder, install it to the right of the machine head so that the bobbin winder wheel lines up with the belt.
7. Install the belt guard on the right side of the motor. Install the drawer by inserting it through the brackets on the underside of the table.

8. To install the knee-lift mechanism, affix the screws in the appropriate position (highlited by red dots) beneath the surface of the machine, as displayed in the photos.

Ensure that the lower rocking shaft mechanism (attached to the knee lifter) sticks up through the drip pan, making contact with the right side of the upper roller shaft mechanism (attached below the machine head).


Start Your Motor
  • Turn on the power to the motor by either flicking the switch or by pressing the ‘ON’ button of the electric box.
  • Allow the motor to power up for a few seconds before use.
  • If the motor does not power up, turn off the power and press the bottom-side (heel side) of the pedal firmly towards the ground, then power it up again. This will allow the clutch to reset. Also ensure that the motor clutch is at its highest position. If it is not, remove the motor rod, replace the motor clutch at its highest position, then re-install the motor rod.
  • If the motor does not power up on a regular basis you will need to adjust the height of the rod-clamp by raising the pedal then re-tightening the rod clamp.
  • Your machine has been oiled prior to shipping and is well lubricated. It is important for the well being of the machine that it be oiled on a regular basis (every few uses).
  • Serger/Overlock and Coverstitch machines may have their integrated oil pans emptied before shipping. If so, it must be filled before use.
  • Please use clear white oil for industrial sewing machines.



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Thank you for your purchase. If you have any problems installing your industrial sewing machine set, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.


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